Tourist Place in Pabna

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Pabna district is located in Rajshahi division. It is one of the old 21 districts of Bangladesh situated in the northwestern part of the country.

Geographic Location: Sirajganj on the north, Padma River on the south which separated this district from Faridpur and Kushtia. River Jamuna on the east and Natore on the west.

No record found about the naming of Pabna. According to the archaeologist Cunningham, Pabna may have originated from the name of ancient kingdom Pundra or Pundravardhana. But the common belief is that the name of the area has come from the river Pabani.

In 1790, most of the part of Pabna was included in the Rajshahi district. On October 16, 1828, Pabna was recognised as a separate district. In 1858, Pabna went under the rule of the Queen Victoria of British Empire. In 1947, this district (including Sirajganj) was included in East Pakistan.

Pabna district’s folk dance, comedy, design, folk music, etc. are very popular in the folk culture of Bangladesh. From the ancient times, the textile industry of this district is also famous.


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